Swimming Pool Information

Type Volume Treatment Structure Cover Filtration
Piscine 20 Chlore Liner Aucun Sable

1 Devices


T °, pH, Orp analyzer
Login Connected
Serial Number 430086
Software value 267
Temperature value 20
pH measurement 7.2
Orp value 800
Filtration Yes


Pool electrical box
Login Connected
Serial Number 718628
Software value 450
Temperature value 20
Temperature setpoint 25
Pool Cover

● Cover > 12h

Daisy PH

pH dosing pump
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Serial Number 809865
Software value 398
pH setpoint 7.5
pH regulation mode pH+
Injected volume in 24 hours 0 cl
Max volume in 24 hours 10 cl
Product tank volume 1300 cl

Daisy ORP

Orp metering pump
Login Connected
Serial Number 441621
Software value 373
Winter Mode
Orp setpoint 810
Injected volume in 24 hours 20 cl
Max volume in 24 hours 20 cl
Product tank volume 1200 cl

Service book




John Doe


Exiting winter mode


John Doe


2023-11-24 11:17:25

Your Vigipool Device is connected anew

2023-11-30 11:17:25

Your Vigipool device is no longer connected, please check that it is powered correctly and that your WiFi network is working

2023-12-02 11:17:25

pH measurements are back to normal

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Event History Orp

Event History Temperature

Event History Filtration

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